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About us

Who We Are

We are a professional manufacturer of Christmas decorations, our company's main product is artificial Christmas trees, there are various sizes and types of Christmas trees for you to choose, excellent quality and the right price is the basis for us to win the trust of our customers, choose our Christmas trees to make your home more festive atmosphere!


一一一一  Why Choose US?  一一一一

   R&D Team

We are a company specializing in the production of artificial Christmas trees. Our company has its own factory and patented technology We have our own R & D and design department, and we also have our own quality control team. Every Christmas tree that leaves the factory will be inspected by the quality control team at all levels. Our purpose is to make customers receive satisfactory high-quality Christmas trees!

  Quality Control Team

Each of our produced products will have professional inspectors to test whether the products are qualified, and we will return to the production department if there are any problems. Let customers use qualified products is the purpose of the quality control team

  After Sales Team

Every product we sell has the right to an after-sales guarantee. We want our brand to be trusted by our customers. We want every customer who encounters a problem to contact our after-sales team, and we will do our best to provide a solution that satisfies our customers!

   Contact Us

We have our own brand Facebook account and Twitter account, we have our own Facebook product discussion group (Smart Plug Use Experience Sharing Group) welcome to join us, we will regularly send some coupons and free new products to the members of the group priority use! 


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